Pretty words



Pretty words i wrote down on my journal ❤

Because some things are so damn beautiful, it makes you happy you’re alive.




180 South

I’ve been itching to get lost again but my current budget won’t let me so i decided to revisit 180 South and finally finish watching that documentary.

This is something i picked up from watching it.


If you compromise the process, you’re an asshole when you start out, you’re an asshole when you get back.

– cool old dude on climbing Mt. Everest


Not quite sure if it’s “when you start out” or “start up” but you do get its context.

Just had to write it down as a personal reminder.

Moving on


Me trying to get over you like…

I am kidding of course. I hardly drink to get drunk anymore. Sometimes i wish i could but drowning one’s sorrow leads to one massive hangover.

So i just doodle “the feels” on my sketchbook.

Found this particular quote on tumblr.

I’m on instagram, by the way





Everything is well curated on instagram. Pretty photos of pretty view with pretty people captioned with pretty words. These are some of the thing I don’t post there.

Pretty has never really been my core aesthetic (it sounds so pretentious, i’m crackin myself up). Sometimes i go ugly and raw.

These photos are very personal and reflects myself more than any selfies i could ever post. I know. It is kinda icky.

But hey, this is my blog anyway.