The feels

I have this habit of making jokes out of stuff that are actually killing me inside.


Laughing feels good, right? And they keep on saying to fake it ’til you make it

So, i guess i’d laugh at those things that make me feel like shit for now.







Everything is well curated on instagram. Pretty photos of pretty view with pretty people captioned with pretty words. These are some of the thing I don’t post there.

Pretty has never really been my core aesthetic (it sounds so pretentious, i’m crackin myself up). Sometimes i go ugly and raw.

These photos are very personal and reflects myself more than any selfies i could ever post. I know. It is kinda icky.

But hey, this is my blog anyway.

Tokyo Ghoul: Suzuya


Test drivin my the new brush pen.

Went out with friends yday and got a new brush pen before headin off to Ink On Paper exhibit at Prism Gallery in Makati.

Been reading Tokyo Ghoul the past few days and i’m hooked! Pretty much obsessed with Suzuya. He’s so darn cute and twisted. Plus, he’s an androgyne (#lifegoals)!!!