Enero is January in Filipino and in Spanish; the first month of the year.

Old English, from Latin Januarius (mensis) ‘(month) of Janus’ (see Janus), the Roman god who presided over doors and beginnings.

Fitting as this month serves as the door for the year ahead.

However, the image above wasn’t my first doodle of the year.


Upholding personal tradition, I finished the one above on the first day of the year. Far more colorful from my past first-of-the-year doodles since I started the tradition back in 2014.

Details of ‘Enero’


Carnation and snowdrop are January’s birth flowers symbolizing fascination, distinction, and love.

But I am more familiar with crayola’s carnation pink as I’ve used it countless of times when I was little and I associate snowdrop with Neil Gaiman’s stardust as it was quite a somewhat helpful relic in the plot.

Figured I’d go back to this blog instead of resigning to the quick snaps on instagram. I needed a space to dump photos anyway.

2016’s been a massive bitch so here’s to a hopeful 2017.

Have a great year ahead. Cheers!