Pretty words



Pretty words i wrote down on my journal ❤

Because some things are so damn beautiful, it makes you happy you’re alive.




“What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

photo 1

Yes, ladies & gents, that is my handwriting.

You all have probably seen the international trailer of The Little Prince and it got me really excited, I revisited the book! It’s such a treat in so many ways.

photo 3

Moving on, a friend shared this article on facebook a few days ago. Felt like I should write it down, practice my calligraphy and stuff.

I used this cheapo fountain pen I bought at the local bookstore. Nothing fancy. Just quick scribbling.

photo 2

Anyway, there’s just something about Le Petit Prince that stirs me up and oddly enough, the book is so relevant and relatable in regards to my current state in life. (Well, the book is always relevant anyway so there’s that haha.)

‘Til later,